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MS2275 - Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

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This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to effectively maintain server resources, monitor server performance, and safeguard data on a computer running one of the operating systems in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family.
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This class is available as a self-learning class also. Please contact LRS Education for more information about E-Learning.


  • Course MS2274, Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment, or equivalent knowledge
    Detailed Class Syllabus

    Preparing to Administer a Server
  • Administering a Server

  • Configuring Remote Desktop to Administer a Server

  • Managing Remote Desktop Connections

  • Preparing to Monitor Server Performance
  • Introduction to Monitoring Server Performance

  • Performing Real-Time and Logged Monitoring

  • Configuring and Managing Counter Logs

  • Configuring Alerts

  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Monitoring Server Memory

  • Monitoring Processor Usage

  • Monitoring Disks

  • Monitoring Network Usage

  • Maintaining Device Drivers
  • Configuring Device Driver Signing Options

  • Using Device Driver Rollback

  • Managing Disks
  • Preparing Disks

  • Managing Disk Properties

  • Managing Mounted Drives

  • Converting Disks

  • Creating Volumes

  • Importing a Foreign Disk

  • Managing Data Storage
  • Managing File Compression

  • Configuring File Encryption

  • Implementing Disk Quotas

  • Managing Disaster Recovery
  • Preparing for Disaster Recovery

  • Backing Up Data

  • Scheduling Backup Jobs

  • Restoring Data

  • Recovering from Server Failure

  • Selecting Disaster Recovery Methods

  • Maintaining Software by Using Software Update Services
  • Introduction to Software Update Services

  • Installing and Configuring Software Update Services

  • Managing a Software Update Services Infrastructure
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