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MS2957 - Advanced Foundations of Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development

If you have any questions about registering for this class, please call (877) 832-0688 Ext. 1493 or email us at
Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the enabling knowledge and skills required to create Microsoft .NET Applications with Visual Studio 2005. Students learn how to develop secured .NET applications
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Before attending this course, students must have:
  • Understand the purpose and components of the .NET Framework 2.0 and the common language runtime.

  • Understand and use the .NET Framework 2.0 common type system (CTS).

  • Understand basic language syntax for decision structures, loop structures, and variables.

  • Write code by using language-specific functionality such as the My. classes for Visual Basic.

  • Understand and use classes, objects, methods, properties, and functions.

  • Write code to implement overridden methods, static (Visual C#) or Shared (Visual Basic) methods, and properties.

  • Use type conversions and text conversions.

  • Create and use solutions and projects by using Visual Studio 2005.

  • Use the Visual Studio 2005 object browser and the Visual Studio help system.
    Detailed Class Syllabus

    Module 1: Enhancing User Interfaces by Using System.Drawing
  • Drawing Fundamentals

  • Drawing Lines and Shapes

  • Rendering Bitmaps and Icons

  • Module 2: Working with Cultures by Using System.Globalization
  • Working with Culture Information

  • Formatting and Sorting Culture-Sensitive Data

  • Creating a Custom Culture

  • Module 3: Processing Text by Using Regular Expressions and Encodings
  • Handling Text and Large Strings

  • Using Regular Expressions

  • Encoding Text

  • Module 4: Encrypting and Hashing Data by Using Cryptography
  • Working with Encryption and Hashing

  • Encrypting and Decrypting Data

  • Hashing Data

  • Extending Cryptography

  • Module 5: Securing Code Execution and Resources
  • Using Code Access Security

  • Securing Code Execution by Using Policy

  • Securing Resources by Using Access Control

  • Customizing Authentication and Authorization

  • Module 6: Application Interoperability
  • Using the Platform Invoke Service

  • Integrating COM Components into a .NET Framework Application

  • Integrating Managed Components into an Unmanaged Application

  • Module 7: Reflection, Metadata, and Emitting Objects
  • Reflecting on Objects

  • Adding Assembly Metadata

  • Emitting Objects by Using Builder Classes

  • Module 8: Services, Threading, and Application Domains
  • Creating and Installing Windows Services

  • Creating Multithreaded Applications

  • Manually Working with Application Domains
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