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MS5116 - Configuring Windows Vista Application and Tools

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Elements of this syllabus are subject to change. This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully configure Windows Vista applications and tools. It will provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure successful configuration of the IT Pro tools and productivity applications that ship with Windows Vista. Students will learn how to configure tools and applications from three main areas: maintenance and optimization tools, media applications, and productivity applications.
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Before attending this course, students must have: • Completed or have equivalent knowledge and skills in 5115: Installing and Configuring the Windows Vista Operating System. • Familiarity with PC hardware and devices. For example, ability to look into device manager and look for unsupported devices. • Basic TCP/IP knowledge. For example, that you need to have a valid IP address. • Basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge. For example, domain user accounts, domain vs. local user accounts, user profiles, and group membership. • Experience with mapping network file shares. For example, familiar with UNC paths, mapping local resources to server/share. • Experience with running commands from a command window. For example, DOS command prompt. • Experience with reviewing BIOS settings. In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed: • First Look Clinic 5056 - First Look: Getting Started with Windows Vista for IT Professio
Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Maintaining and Optimizing Windows Vista Systems
  • This module explains how to use the performance tools and diagnostics tools to maintain and optimize Windows Vista systems. This module also explains how to configure Windows Update.

  • Lessons

  • Maintaining Performance by Using Windows Vista Performance Tools

  • Optimizing Windows by Using Windows Vista Diagnostics Tools

  • Configuring the Windows Update Tool

  • Lab: Maintaining and Optimizing Windows Vista

  • Monitoring General System Activity by Using Resource Overview

  • Viewing System Stability by Using Reliability Monitor

  • Configuring Windows Update

  • Module 2: Configuring Windows Vista Media Applications
    This module explains how to configure the Windows Media Player and the Windows Media Center.
  • Lessons

  • Configuring Windows Vista Media Player

  • Configuring Windows Media Center

  • Lab: Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Media Applications

  • Configuring Windows Media Center

  • Configuring Windows Media Player

  • Troubleshooting Windows Media Player

  • Module 3: Configuring Windows Vista Productivity Applications
    This module explains how to configure the productivity tools included with every edition of Windows Vista.
  • Lessons

  • Configuring Windows Sidebar

  • Configuring Windows Mail

  • Configuring Windows Meeting Space

  • Configuring Windows Calendar

  • Configuring Windows Fax and Scan

  • Lab : Configuring Windows Vista Productivity Applications

  • Setting Up Windows Vista Productivity Applications

  • Configuring Windows Mail

  • Configuring Windows Sidebar
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