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We achieve our success through our employees. The complete benefits package offered by LRS reflects our commitment to hiring and retaining the best and brightest the technology industry has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your reference, we have listed answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

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LRS is dedicated to hiring veterans. Veterans can search for job opportunities on our jobs site for veterans.

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In compliance with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), if you have a disability you may request an accommodation in order to apply for a position with LRS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information

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Consulting Information

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Corporate Information

Corporate Headquarters

What is the business focus of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.?

The focus of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) is the development and delivery of information technology solutions to new and existing clients. To maintain this, more than 550 LRS technology professionals are arranged into several groups.

The Product Development Group is charged with the development and support of the world’s leading mainframe print distribution software solution, VPS® (VTAM Printer Support) and its suite of companion products. The Product Marketing Group is the delivery mechanism which provides the global marketplace our outstanding group of output management products.

The LRS IT Solutions® Group provides information technology-related services such as infrastructure consulting, application development, project management, analysis, and technical writing/documentation. Our experienced consultants help clients better utilize technology to help them achieve their business goals. LRS' IT Solutions Group was named the 2005 Microsoft International Partner of the Year for Advanced Infrastructure.

The Information Services team provides support for our internal technology requirements. They are part of our Administration group that provides all the necessary business infrastructure (such as accounting, physical maintenance, etc.) for LRS.

Our Web Services Group develops and hosts Web sites for a variety of clients across the country, providing professional graphic design, experienced Web application analysis and development, initial site construction, and ongoing site management.

LRS has two application product groups. PensionGold® provides software and services to maintain and support defined-benefit pension plans. LRSSports® provides systems to capture and analyze video of sports activities such as basketball, football, etc.

Finally, our certified Education Center provides network and application specific training courses.

These groups position LRS as a strategic technology services provider to the global markets we serve.

Where are LRS Offices Located?

LRS is a global company with a commitment to growth. The corporate headquarters is located in Springfield, Illinois. Product marketing offices are also located throughout Europe and in Australia and Japan. LRS maintains Illinois-based offices in Springfield, Bloomington, as well as offices in St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Irvine, Hartford, and Dallas.

What is the LRS Corporate Mission Statement?

The mission of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. is to deliver outstanding IT Solutions that provide business advantage to new and existing clients, to provide our employees opportunity for career development and challenge, and to return a profit for LRS.

What are LRS' hiring standards?

LRS has a reputation for providing high-quality products and services to our clients and customers. We have established hiring standards that support our ability to provide that level of service.

We take great care in hiring, and strive to employ individuals who we feel will continue the tradition of excellence for which LRS is known. Our standards of conduct are drawn from our core values of honesty, hard work, and adding value through work efforts. The LRS culture is based on these values.

How are employees evaluated?

We have established performace factors for every LRS employee.

  • Core Performance Factor Example
    The employee's degree of honesty and adherence to ethical principles.

  • Position-Specific Performance Factor Example
    Business Knowledge:
    The employee's ability to acquire, develop, and apply business knowledge, both in general and specific to a particular application, industry, or client.

  • We have taken great care in documenting the performance expectations and our performance evaluation procedure. The evaluation process begins with each employee taking an active role in setting personal goals and objectives.
  • In the first year of employment, an individual’s progress may be reviewed once within the first six months. Commission and management employees receive an annual appraisal on July 31; all other employees receive an appraisal on January 1. The self-evaluation, peer input, client views, and the LRS manager’s appraisal are all used to prepare a final evaluation.


Consulting Information

What is the LRS IT Solutions Mission Statement?

LRS IT Solutions achieves success by offering clients complete, world-class IT solutions, challenging and empowering employees, and providing enhanced rewards for all stakeholders.

What do LRS consultants do?

LRS consultants work with clients in many roles and on a variety of platforms — Mainframe, Client/Server, Midrange, LAN, and PC. Client requests can be as straightforward as asking for an individual to supplement their staff or as complex as providing a fully staffed project team consisting of a project manager, senior analysts, developers, database specialists, network specialists, and technical writers.

Whatever the requirement, LRS IT Solutions strives to provide only the best caliber of response to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

What type of on-going training opportunities does LRS IT Solutions offer?

We have a responsibility to maintain a highly qualified staff. To that end, LRS makes technical and managerial training available in a variety of ways.

  • To consultants who are interested in continuing education outside the workplace, we offer tuition reimbursement toward bachelor degrees or business-related courses.
  • Internally, we focus on training consultants to prepare for specific assignments or to assist our consultants in achieving their career development goals. Internal training is available from a large selection of professionally developed videos, books, periodicals, and interactive CD-ROM courses. We also provide reimbursement for management-approved attendance at seminars, conferences, and expositions.

What happens when I am between billable assignments?

For our non-hourly consultants, we’ll identify ways to make productive use of your non-billable time. Specific tasks include working on internal projects, training for potential assignments, training based on career development goals, and participating in research and development projects. No matter what types of activities are selected, we believe it is important for our consultants to use their time in valuable and productive ways.

How long is the average assignment?

There is no such thing as an average assignment. Some projects require only a few hours to fulfill the commitment to the client; others may last several years.

At the client’s request, or in response to the need for specific skills, we may extend an individual’s assignment through multiple projects. Following the principles of the LRS IT Solutions Mission Statement, we attempt to balance commitment to our clients with the good of our consultants and our company.

Will I be required to travel in my consulting assignments?

Yes. We provide services in various cities and there will be opportunities to travel as a consultant. Specific teams cover different localities, so travel varies accordingly. This can mean commuting to client sites or your base office, overnight travel, or periodic trips to confer with clients during the course of a long project.

We understand the personal commitment that travel requires and we strive to compensate accordingly. Most consultants are eligible for a travel rewards bonus program.

What voice do I have in determining my assignments?

Consultants are provided an opportunity to indicate their desired career paths, technology interests, and personal growth initiatives during the course of their evaluations or at any time they so choose.

In consulting, timing is important. Trying to respond to urgent client requests sometimes makes it difficult to match consultant career goals with available assignments. Whenever possible, we attempt to reserve consultants for specific assignments that fit their development plans; however, this is not always workable. LRS is committed to looking for assignments that challenge and reward our staff and provide them with the opportunity for further development of their careers.

Is there an established career path for consultants at LRS?

Yes. There are clearly documented career paths for LRS IT Solutions employees. Essentially, we offer two career paths to consultants. One career path is focused on technical development, while the other is focused on managerial development.