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Managed Print Solutions from LRS Output Management

LRS Document Solutions for Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS) providers seek to streamline document environments by deploying more cost-effective output devices and by carefully tracking usage patterns. This enables organizations to re-focus scarce monetary and technical resources on their core business processes.

LRS Document Solutions for Managed Print Services

LRS solutions expand the reach and benefits of MPS solutions beyond the realm of “Office Printing” to the enterprise systems at the heart of your business.

When you’re looking to implement an MPS strategy, trust LRS to provide the objective advice and proven software to help you get the maximum benefits from your investment.

LRS Managed Print Services Solution Overview

According to industry analysts, organizations that actively manage their printers and other document devices can decrease their print costs by 10 – 30 percent . . . all while increasing document security and reliability.

LRS Managed Print Servies Solution

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Working with MPS providers and key output hardware vendors, LRS has developed SAFE: a comprehensive approach to cost reduction and document security in complex, multi-platform environments.

Together, LRS and its partners are bringing the savings and business benefits of MPS to organizations of all vertical industries and sizes – including yours.

Output Management Server For Managed Print Services Brochures

LRS Executive Overview Brochure LRS Executive Overview
Describes the costs and challenges of managing application output in enterprise environments and outlines the benefits of creating a central point of control for electronic and hardcopy document delivery.
Managing Critical Healthcare Documents Brochure Managed Print Services Solutions Brochure
Explains the benefits of implementing an MPS strategy and shows how LRS software can help your organization fully realize them in your own environment.

Managed Print Services
White Papers

Uncovering the Enterprise Output Opportunity Uncovering the Enterprise Output Opportunity
A comprehensive review of the MPS landscape by analyst firm Quocirca Ltd. Includes a review of the benefits, risks, and common pitfalls often associated with MPS projects.

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LRS Commissions Report on Output Management and Managed Print Services

MPS: What to look (and look out ) for

Managed Print Services

By nature, Managed Print Services (MPS) environments tend to be highly-integrated, dynamic, and extremely cost-sensitive. Establishing a central point of control for device management and output tracking helps MPS providers bring all three of these qualities to their customers’ environments.

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To learn how LRS software integrates with other solutions, click here to contact our MPS alliances team.