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LRS Document Solutions for SAP Customer Applications

Since 1997, LRS has been delivering solutions that help SAP customers meet their service level agreements (SLAs) while reducing the costs of document delivery.

LRS office at the SAP PartnerPort in Walldorf, Germany

LRS office at SAP PartnerPort in Walldorf

In recent years, LRS has further strengthened its commitment to providing best-of-breed output management software for SAP systems. Working with SAP and its most trusted partners, we have developed a variety of SAP certified document solutions.

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LRS Output Management Server Solution Overview

SAP-generated documents in printed and online formats drive critical business processes in warehouses, labs, production lines and other environments around the world.

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LRS output management solutions bring greater reliability and control to document-driven processes throughout an enterprise. This greatly enhances process efficiency and transparency to help organizations control costs.

Output Management Server For SAP Brochures

LRS Executive Overview Brochure LRS Executive Overview
Describes the costs and challenges of managing application output in enterprise environments and outlines the benefits of creating a central point of control for electronic and hardcopy document delivery.
Manage SAP Output toward Operational Excellence Brochure Better Control of Business Documents Leads to Better Process Management
Read how LRS solutions manage SAP application-generated documents for flawless business process execution.
Manage SAP Output toward Operational Excellence Brochure Manage SAP Output toward Operational Excellence Brochure
Explains the LRS Output Management Server at a high level and describes actual customer scenarios in which our solutions have helped to improve critical business processes.
VPSX for SAP Flyer VPSX® for SAP Flyer
Two-page overview of VPSX and VPSX/OutputManager® software, LRS’ SAP-certified external output management solutions.

SAP Application Output Management White Papers

SAP White Paper Gain Control of Documents for Increased Control of SAP Business Processes
Explains the reasons for and consequences of overlooking the critical role of documents in key business workflows. Outlines steps toward integrating output management systems with business process automation solutions from Redwood Software.

LRS Document Solutions for SAP Case Studies

Case Study: emmi Emmi Group
The leading Swiss dairy products company needed a solution to provide fast, reliable delivery of key business documents.
Case Study: M. DuMont Shauberg M. DuMont Schauberg
A large publishing group needed a way to ensure reliable delivery of internal and customer-facing business documents.
Case Study: Metro de Madrid Miele
A leading appliance manufacturer needed a robust output management system to support the rollout of a global SAP® business application.
Case Study: Metro de Madrid Metro de Madrid
A major metropolitan transportation system implemented an LRS server-based output management system.
Case Study: SCA SCA
By implementing an LRS solution, a major manufacturer improved their shipping processes, avoided service-level related penalties.
John's Hopkins Hospital Johns Hopkins Hospital
LRS and The Johns Hopkins Hospital collaborated to develop a flexible, standardized printing solution to address the healthcare provider’s demanding requirements.

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Originally recorded April 18, 2013

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SAP Output Factory Roadshow

Additional Resources for SAP Customers

Recorded Online Webinars for SAP Customers

Output Management Challenges and Solutions: Advice for SAP Customers
Leslie Meadows, SAP customer and Director of Output Management COE, outlines the benefits and savings from implementing an LRS output server-based solution at a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company

Magazines and External Publications

Less Paper: Better than Paperless
(SAP Insider)

John Howerter, Sr. Vice President at LRS, explains why paper is still a part of many business processes and how LRS products can help customers reduce and better manage their remaining hardcopy documents.

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