You know Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) enables you to protect your organization’s data from failures and other errors. You also know that managing a TSM environment can present challenges.

You have to stay on top of TSM logs every day, even though doing so takes time away from the strategic projects that add value to your enterprise. Failure to review those logs and acting on the issues can be disastrous.

If only you had someone or something guarding your TSM environment the way a watchdog guards your home.

That’s what TSM Watchdog offers. It’s a completely customized service that provides the highest level of support, monitoring and management for your TSM environment. TSM Watchdog guarantees improved backup success rates and, therefore, data recovery. It also dramatically reduces the cost of running TSM.

The service monitors the TSM database and logs, presents alerts when issues arise, diagnoses problems and generates easily understood reports. TSM Watchdog is the technical solution that enables the remote support and management of your organization’s TSM environment.

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