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Daylight Saving Time (2007 Changes)

<h4>Daylight Saving Time (2007 Changes)</h4> <p>As you are likely aware, The United States Congress has enacted a change to extend Daylight Saving Time (DST). This change will be effective starting in 2007. Effectively, DST will start March 11, 2007 and will end November 4, 2007. We have been asked numerous times if this change will affect our software, and if a fix is needed from us. The answer is, no you do not need any fix from LRS for the new Daylight Saving Time change. We retrieve the date and time from your system, so when the time changes we simply get the current time just as we would for any other Daylight Saving Time prior to the change. In other words, we do not maintain any internal dates when the time would change. </p>