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LRS Antilles Content Manager – Version 1.20 Released

An updated LRS Antilles Content Manager is now available to registered users. The update includes the usual bug fixes, as well as improvements for your experience as you keep your website current. Many of the improvements in 1.20 will also help improve any accessibility issues your site may be facing.  

 If you're on the support plan and want to upgrade, open a ticket with us to start the process.

Check out the highlights of what's new and improved!

LRS Antilles Updates 1.20

Previous Page Versions 

Easily access previous versions of a page and revert if desired. Previously, this was only enabled for sites that had activated the Workflow option. Now, versions are available across all sites. You’ll find it in the Page listings. It'll save you lots of rewriting!

Green Bar Dismisses

When you save a page, you always get a reassuring green bar that your work is preserved. Before, the bar would remain until you “xed” out of it. Now the bar will automatically dismiss after a few seconds. 

Level Up!

We added a helpful option to view pages one level up. This allows you to more easily navigate between sections of your website that have a lot of subpages. Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

  New Content Editor Option

A new text editor (called Article Editor) is available upon request. Article has improved styling, uses a block-style layout, and additional features similar to other CMS content editors. A huge improvement is the inclusion of pre-made grid layouts that will help you design your web pages. Font styles will be customized to your company's brand identity. For now, Article Editor will only be implemented in the Pages module. Eventually, this new content editor will be added to all modules using a content editor (News, Blog, etc.).  

As noted, this is an optional change for now, so if you want to be a beta user, let us know!

An image of the new content editor in LRS Antilles.

Admin Search

When you search for pages in the admin, the results you see will be based on your user role. This means that staff with restricted user roles won't see pages they don't have permission to see.


Now you can set alerts on specific pages. We've also added the ability to override base alert color for subpages (to draw attention when the page changes from primary alert).

Form Builder

Lots of updates to Form Builder!

Security: Keep forms secure with reCAPTCHA support within modals.

Templates: Save form sections or a group of fields as templates to easily add to other forms instead of having to re-create fields one by one. For example, you could create a template to collect address information, then include the template on other forms so you don't need to create every field again.

Email Certifications: Manage the Email Certs for encrypted emails so you can choose different certs for different emails.

Import Forms: Save time by importing existing forms from your DNN or LRS Antilles site. 

Integration with Antilles Event module: No need to switch back and forth between modules! Create a form right on the Events page or plugin an existing form from Form Builder.  

Change Log

  • Added auto dismiss for positive/green Antilles alerts
  • Added ArticleRTE editor as an optional beta replacement for TinyMCE
  • Added 404 redirects for resources that were not set to be visible in the site admin
  • Added dropdown selection for scheduled job selection in scheduled tasks
  • Added unauthorized notification for users attempting to access admin as no access user.
  • Added up one level button in pages
  • Added view resources by category plugin with search box option
  • Added support for placeholders in global content for {{domain}} and {{site-name}}
  • Added Impersonation Bar to Authentication page
  • Added Admin Notes to the fields queried when running a search in Users
  • Added Admin Notes to the fields queried when running a search in Users
  • Added cache buster to resource preview in resource details screen
  • Updated to provide more extensive accessibility enhancements
  • Updated to alerts to allow persistent closing of multiple alerts
  • Updated search to include pages based on signed-in user's role
  • Updated and improvements to page stub cleaning
  • Updated defaults to increase the size of Resource thumbnails
  • Updated to Content Template Content Areas to be case insensitive
  • Updated Git Password field in settings page to be masked
  • Updated Resource Picker Integration options
  • Updated Resources Plugin to select a sort order in plugin settings
  • Fixed global content display inconsistencies in admin with what was shown on the front of the site
  • Fixed Antilles bar showing for non-admin and non-employee roles.
  • Fixed bug where script tags would execute if included in audit log page
  • Fixed bug where PDF documents would not display on android devices
  • Fixed issue where SSL wasn't set appropriately through proxys and load balancers
  • Fixed bug in TinyMCE where legacy plugin tags and video tags would become nested unintentionally on multiple page saves
  • Fixed bug with git password field in settings
  • Fixed bug that ignored casing in role names


  • Added ability to set alerts specific to pages
  • Added ability to override base alert color for subpages (to draw attention when page changes from primary alert)

Form Builder

  • Added info blurb to Recipient Email/BCC in Form Builder
  • Added ability to exclude snippet fields from form submissions
  • Added additional filters to submissions listing 
  • Added reCAPTCHA support for forms within modals
  • Added button to populate the dropdown list with countries of the world in Form Builder
  • Added friendly error message to front-end view if the form is not active for Form Builder
  • Updated Form Builder to handle semicolons (in addition to commas) being entered in the Recipient Email/BCC fields
  • Updated Form Builder to trim trailing commas and semicolons from Recipient Email/BCC fields
  • Updated Form Builder Submissions screen by moving close button for individual submission to header form buttons instead of the standard box-footer to resolve visibility issues with seeing the close button
  • Updated List Builder to be compatible with SVG files
  • Updated database length of resource extension field to 5 for Resources
  • Updated UX to better demonstrated that selecting an item in forms dropdown will not use the to field in form settings
  • Updated required fields/client validation updates and scroll to form with multi-page forms
  • Updated / optimized submission export
  • Fixed issue for file uploads for internet explorer users, files wouldn't upload in some cases based on the file name
  • Fixed issue where the default value for dropdown fields was listed as the first value instead of set as the default value
  • Fixed bug where attachments couldn't be downloaded in the form submission view


  • Added list sorting to list item data view
  • Fixed issue where image quality slider wasn't defaulting to 70 in some cases
  • Fixed issue where some PNG images wouldn't display

Got an idea for LRS Antilles? We often implement suggestions from our users. Give us your feedback!