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The Customer is Always Right

As a writer at LRS, I get a chance to work on all kinds of projects. Some of them — like these occasional Blog articles — give me the opportunity to get a bit creative. Others, like product updates and all kinds of internal communications, are frankly not a lot of fun. But every once in a while, I get to work on something really exciting.

Probably my favorite projects to work on are customer testimonials. Because while my colleagues and I use LRS output management software for our own printing and scanning, the truth is that our needs normally just scratch the surface of the software’s capabilities. So it’s fun talking to actual customers and hearing how far they push the boundaries of our products and support staff. And it’s even more fun if I get a chance to use what’s left of my foreign language skills.

Recently, a prominent German-based IT organization shared their experiences in addressing major SAP document challenges for their internal users and their outsourcing customers. Check out the video link below to see what lessons they learned and how they may apply in your own organization:  


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