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3G-4G-CDMA Sunset Transition in Mobile Communications

Issue #1: If your security system currently uses cellular monitoring, the 3G-4G-CDMA Sunset transition in mobile communications networks may impact you adversely.

Over the next two years, US cellular providers plan to “sunset” 3G, 4G, and CDMA networks to free up bandwidth for faster LTE/5G signals. In fact, this process has already begun. This means if you installed a cellular communicator a year ago or longer, your security system will not be able to communicate with our central monitoring station.

CIS Solution: If you are not 100% sure whether your security system will be affected, give our office a call at 217-787-4970. We will confirm what cellular communicator you are currently using and determine if you will need an upgrade.

Issue #2: If your security system currently uses POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) phone lines, switching to cellular monitoring will save you money and increase your safety.

Land lines are rapidly disappearing because of high maintenance costs and widespread cell phone usage. Eliminating the expense of the obsolete POTS line retained only for an alarm system will also improve your overall security.

CIS Solution: We can help you switch to cellular monitoring, which will remove the ability to cut phone lines in an attempt to deactivate a security system during a break in. Furthermore, your security system can be enhanced by upgrading to a cellular communicator. You may be able to add remote control of the alarm and home automation features like door locks, lighting, thermostat control, and even a video doorbell!*

Please give us a call with any questions about your system and how it may be affected by the coming 3G-4G-CDMA Sunset changes to the cellular networks, or if you wish to move away from an outdated phone line connection.

Sharon Wilson, General Manager
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*Some security systems may require upgrades to take advantage of these features.