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New 10-Digit Dialing Requirement for Area Code 217

With the recent change to a full 10-digit dialing directive in our area, CIS wants to assure you that we have you covered!

As of February 27, 2021, Illinois residents living in the 217 area code are required to dial full 10-digit phone numbers, which includes the area code, for local calls. This new 10-digit requirement for area code 217 has implications for security and fire systems using regular phone land lines only, NOT systems using cell units.

CIS has been working behind the scenes to program this update remotely; however, in some instances direct access to a system on premises is required, including for all Simplex panels.

As a reminder, your system should be tested every 30 days to ensure functionality. If you haven’t tested since February 27th, please be sure to check your system now. A keypad displaying “FC” (failure to communicate) indicates your system needs to be updated. To ensure your safety, please contact us to resolve your issue and bring your system up to date.

Thanks for your trust in our service. We continue to deliver your security and control system needs in the most secure manner possible. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this 10-digit dialing directive.

Sharon Wilson
General Manager, Central Illinois Security
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