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Taming the Hydra with the VPSX Print for Intune app

Times sure have changed… and not just because of the pandemic. For the better part of the last decade, companies have been shifting toward a hybrid work environment in which employees do a significant amount of work outside the office. In fact, recent research indicates that nearly half of all employees will continue to work remotely at least some of the time, pandemic or not.

With the rise of Cloud-based applications, nearly any Internet-connected device can be used for work: even employees’ personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Ensuring seamless and secure computing in a large BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment is sort of like slaying the Hydra monster from Greek mythology. Cut off one head and two grow in its place.

Intune and LRS to the Rescue

To help administrators address this problem, Microsoft developed Intune, an important element of its Enterprise and Mobility Suite. Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management and mobile application management functionality for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. One thing it doesn’t address is the complex world of print delivery. That’s where LRS comes in.

The VPSX Print for Intune app is available on the iOS App Store as well as Google Play. The solution works with LRS’s Mobile Connector for VPSX, bridging the gap between the user rights administrators define in Microsoft Intune and your company’s VPSX-managed output management environment.

Together, Microsoft Intune and the VPSX Print for Intune app do three important things:

  • Eliminate the need for users to mess with printer definitions, print control settings, drivers, etc.
  • Make it easier for administrators to control and monitor end users’ print capabilities
  • Establish a holistic, uniform print environment that can manage printing and scanning from any client device – whether company-owned or employee-owned – to any output destination.

The result? A less complex, more flexible, and much more secure print environment. One that handles printing from PCs, virtual desktops, and mobile devices with ease and eliminates the need for troublesome Windows print servers. Using Intune, administrators can also distribute a fully configured Personal Print Manager (PPM) client to remote user desktops in an automated fashion. This simplifies life for end users and administrators alike.

If you’re managing your mobile device environment with Microsoft Intune and need relief from the nightmares of print management, look no further. LRS has you covered.