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Increase Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Security is a top priority these days, whether it’s your home, car, business, or personal identity. That's because computer hacking is very common too. You’ve probably spent some time securing your online accounts.

As a home or business owner, you may have door locks and a security system, a watchdog, or motion cameras. These extra layers of protection give you extra security and peace of mind.

Similarly, you should have extra layers of computer security. Not just a password, but an extra step or two to keep things locked down. That’s called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) verifies a user’s identity before giving the user access to private data. 

This can help prevent ransomware attacks, password theft, malware and more.

For businesses, these extra layers of security are essential to keeping your business accounts safe. We especially recommend small businesses should add MFA to their logins to protect from hackers holding their data ransom.  Various industries such as the financial and healthcare industries have specific and strict laws and regulations for cybersecurity. But every type of business can benefit from MFA.

MFA requires at least one step beyond a password, such as a text or an email verification code.

Examples of Multi-Factor Authentication include:

  • Inherent – This uses the user’s physical attributes, such as fingerprint, voice, or face to verify.
  • Possession-based – uses a physical object, such as IDs, fobs, or security keys.
  • Location-based  - uses your geographic location to authenticate.
  • Knowledge-based - uses your personal knowledge, such as your third-grade teacher’s name.

All these multi-factor options make your data even more secure and protective against phishing. The safer the better!

MFA for Business

Our Small Business Tech Services are here to help. We can review with you’re the pros and cons of each type of MFA and create a custom plan that works for your business needs and budget.

With Cisco Secure Access by Duo, it's easier than ever to integrate and use.

Email the "tech guys" at LRS Small Business Tech Services or call 217-862-9820 to protect your business with MFA.