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Cybersecurity help wanted? Upskill with Cybersecurity Fast Track Training Programs!

If cybersecurity looms as a top priority for your organization, you have likely discovered the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals in the marketplace has stalled your risk management goals. Upskilling and retraining internal IT staff offers a less-expensive, faster option to fill job roles over the slow process of hiring external candidates.

LRS® Education Services offers the solution to transition your current IT workforce into cyber careers rapidly—in just six months! Tailored to knowledge and experience level, our exclusive Cybersecurity Fast Track Training Programs provide the optimal curriculum of courses, official practice exams, exam vouchers for certification, and instructor support at a reduced cost during the six-month training window. Students who complete the program acquire the expertise to get straight to work identifying, combating, and managing cybersecurity threats within their organization.

Wondering whether upskilling your existing IT workforce is the right move to add cybersecurity talent quickly and economically to your organization? Don’t just take our word for it.

“Companies can clearly not rely exclusively on hiring to fill their gaps. Finding the right fit on the open market is both challenging and expensive. Training is an option that should be utilized more heavily. Training for existing workers can target specific skills, deliver results more quickly and build loyalty among employees.” CompTIA 2022 State of Cybersecurity Report

Retraining your in-house workforce to execute cybersecurity tactics is a win-win proposition. Employers gain cybersecurity professionals faster, save money over hiring externally, provide the tools and support that allows staff to work effectively, and dodge hiring freezes in place. Employees receive advancement opportunities, salary growth, personal development satisfaction, and job security while learning the tech skills in highest demand.

Convinced it’s time to get your cybersecurity strategy up to speed? Take a closer look at the Cybersecurity Fast Track Training Program details to determine which track aligns with your needs. Then contact me to answer any additional questions and assist with your registration. Students may pursue their course of cybersecurity study beginning August 14th!

Karen Gill, Education Consultant
217.793.3800 Ext. 1742