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Cloud Print Service Review

It is easy to speak favorably about your own products and service offerings. Still better is when someone else speaks positively about your company and its offerings.

A 2023 report from Quocirca, Cloud Print Service 2023; How the cloud is driving print infrastructure modernization, featured LRS and its cloud offerings alongside those of other vendors.

Here’s a bit of background on cloud printing, according to Quocirca:

The cloud has underpinned the digital transformation journey for many organizations as they have adapted to decentralized work models over the past two years. With a shift into the era of hybrid work, organizations are increasingly focused on building a resilient, future-proof IT infrastructure. The high availability, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud is helping businesses become more agile, while also better preparing them for cyberattacks through advanced data compliance and security. In addition to these advantages, the cloud can help organizations better manage costs – both financial and environmental – than they would while operating a traditional on-premise environment.

Cloud print services can help overcome the complexity and inefficiencies of managing a traditional print infrastructure. Conventional print management typically relies on on-premise print servers and incurs a high IT administrative burden to manage driver installation, device configuration and compliance, device monitoring, reporting and management, server and queue management, firmware updates, and app deployment and maintenance. Cloud-based print management can reduce the IT burden and lower the financial and environmental costs associated with procuring and managing print servers.

Cloud adoption is increasing. Quocirca’s latest research shows 21% or organizations expect their IT infrastructure to be fully in the cloud by 2025, a rise from 5% today while 36% expect it to be mostly in the cloud, a rise from 29% today. More than half (55%) of respondents to a survey by Quocirca indicated that they expect to be managing most or all of their print in the cloud by 2025.

Security still appears to be the leading barrier to cloud print management adoption with 36% of respondents saying that device and document security are the top concerns when considering a move to cloud print management.

LRS and the Cloud

So, what makes LRS an ideal partner for transitioning to a cloud printing environment? Besides LRS’ long heritage in enterprise print and output management, LRS acquired Cirrato Technologies in 2016 to enhance our cloud printing capabilities, which have since been integrated into the LRS CloudPrint platform.

Let’s hear what others say about LRS cloud printing solutions. The following is an excerpt from Quocirca’s opinion of LRS.

LRS offers a range of cloud printing capabilities depending on customer requirements. These include the LRS CloudPrint SaaS solution and LRS Enterprise Cloud printing, which offers scalable output management for large document volumes, suitable for enterprise and distributed environments. LRS also offers a managed service offering for customers that wish to outsource the administration and management of the LRS CloudPrint platform.

LRS is strongly positioned in the enterprise output management space, and its cloud solutions and services enable customers to significantly reduce the costs associated with on-premise output management. Its CloudPrint solution is a good choice for companies looking for a low-cost way to transition to a serverless print environment that also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting.”

We honestly couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

LRS's Cloud-based Options

LRS offers the following cloud printing solutions:

LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing software features all of the functionality of the VPSX family of server-based print management products but eliminates the need for on-premise software installation. Customers can deploy the software in a private cloud across all major platforms and, if required, LRS output experts can support customers on system installation, configuration, and integration with cloud- or server-based business applications. The company also provides post-installation training.

LRS Cloud Printing Service is a tailored, cloud-based managed services offering. LRS personnel proactively manage the customer’s print and output environment on an ongoing basis – from installing devices, drivers, and other components to addressing user-submitted problem tickets. The service is delivered against agreed-upon SLAs.

LRS Enterprise Cloud Printing and LRS Cloud Printing Services are made possible by LRS Internet Printing functionality. This enables licensed print features/functions to be extended beyond the corporate environment, for example, enabling the connection between applications, print devices, and users’ computing devices to use the public internet rather than the corporate network inside the firewall. Zero-trust concepts such as user authentication, authorization, and encryption ensure data is protected.

LRS CloudPrint, a multi-tenant SaaS solution fully managed by LRS and hosted on Microsoft Azure. It is available to customers worldwide and targeted at the SMB market.

LRS CloudPrint offers a similar feature set to the company’s entry-level VPSX/DirectPrint product. Simple, user-based licensing and self-service deployment make it cost-effective and easy to manage. The serverless solution enables printing from desktops and mobile devices, and Azure AD-based user authentication ensures that only authorized users can print to a company’s devices. End-to-end encryption protects sensitive data and print activity and status information are reported to the CloudPrint server on Azure.

The LRS Mission Control cloud-based service is available to all customers using its VPSX and/or MFPsecure products. The cloud-based portal, which is available at no cost and on an opt-in basis, provides an overview of a customer’s LRS environment including servers/components. Highlights include a list of license keys including the ability to push them to connected environments, a status dashboard showing system performance (with visual callout icons), and customizable reporting and analytics.

That’s a brief overview of what others are saying about our cloud printing solutions. To learn more, contact LRS.