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Austin Firefighters Retirement Fund: 26+ Years with PensionGold and Going Strong

The excellent relationship between the Austin Firefighters Retirement Fund (AFRF) and LRS® Retirement Solutions was summarized by Anumeha ‘Anu’ Kumar, Executive Director of AFRF: “We have entrusted LRS with our pension administration system software for 26 years, starting with PensionGold Version 1 in 1997. Over the years, LRS has proven their commitment to our Fund by providing consistent and reliable support with strong institutional knowledge of our plan rules and expertise in applying our more nuanced provisions. Through the RFP process, LRS demonstrated not only their longevity and proven value to our Fund, but also their dedication to offering intuitive, modernized services to meet the needs and expectations of our members in the current digital age. We look forward to continuing our relationship with LRS into the foreseeable future.”

The Austin Firefighters Retirement Fund is one of LRS Retirement Solutions longest tenured customers. After a competitive bid process, AFRF has continued to demonstrate their confidence in our team by selecting the latest version of PensionGold.

The new solution for AFRF consists of the PensionGold® Version 4 software with extensions including MemberDirect (member portal), EDMDirect with integration to PageCenterX® software, and Workflow (using AgilePoint software). Hosting services will be provided by our hosting partner, Flexential.

Teaming up with our LRS Web Solutions business unit, the proposal included the development and roll-out of a new, updated, and modern public website for AFRF. That phase of the project was completed in May 2023, and the new website is in production.

AFRF is a $1.2B pension fund with nearly 2,200 active plan participants and payees, and six staff members.