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LRS Software available on SAP Store Online Marketplace

In early March, my colleague Guy Tucker announced the general availability of our new LRS VPSX/OutputManager Cloud offering. This innovative solution is an SAP certified interface that customers can use to securely receive print and other output data from SAP’s public cloud-based Business Technology Platform (BTP) and send it to printers and devices in any location.

As SAP steadily urges its customers to embrace a cloud-based future, it has been introducing new technology offerings along with interfaces to help organizations bridge the gap between their current infrastructures and those yet to come. Customers are understandably concerned with the speed and extent of these changes. In many industries, SAP applications are at the root of nearly all critical business processes.

To ease customer concerns and simplify their search for reliable third-party infrastructure solutions, SAP introduced a web resource called the SAP Store. This online marketplace lets customers research and browse SAP certified solutions, compare pricing, and more.

For example, on LRS’ page on the SAP Store, you can watch a video on how to print from SAP BTP, explore product features & benefits, obtain technical information on the solution, and even start the process of trialing the software. Outside the field of output management, similar details are available for DevOps solutions, payment apps, online signature software, and other SAP certified 3rd party integrations.

If you are an SAP customer and looking for proven solutions for assured print and scanning, click the button below to check out our page on the SAP Store. To read the official press release about LRS' SAP Store presence, click here