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Can Your Storage Do This?

As folks my age sometimes do, I take a short “power” nap at lunch. This gives me the energy I need to work into the evening hours. ;-) During one of these naps, I dreamed about storage nirvana.

In my dream, not only is the flash storage fast and reliable, it can do full-time, real-time threat detection. The flash would use dozens of monitor points looking for symptoms of a threat. It would be volume aware, and monitor 100% of storage IO’s, summing and sending the results every 2 seconds. The storage controller in my dream runs an inference engine that collects this data. It would not only forward the results to the manufacturer’s mother ship, it would be able to create an immutable copy immediately in a threat situation. I guess the dream storage surmises that things like VEAMM or other products can restore dozens of files a lot quicker than thousands of files. The dream storage also flags the issue to the customer’s security tools and processes. All of this by itself.

Then I woke up.

Then I realized I wasn’t dreaming.

IBM’s new Flash Core Module, the FCM-4, which populates the latest IBM Flash System family of offerings, does everything described above. TODAY. Best of all, it does it all straight out of the box, as-is, with full IBM support.

Why reinvent the wheel? Let IBM’s worldwide engineering team create for you an operationally free way to monitor your data. Let IBM offload this burden from your shoulders!

The IBM Flash System family has had a pick-a-fight mentality for a long time. IBM and its partners will take on any other product in terms of an honest comparison of performance and availability. In fact, many IBM competitors have stopped publishing their benchmark results. Hmmm… 

Lastly, IBM isn’t losing on apples-to-apples financial comparisons.

So, whatever interested you in your current vendor at some point, it may be time to reevaluate. No one else delivers this level of threat detection. Add to that best of breed performance (care to benchmark?) and price competitiveness. I am not suggesting you go buy IBM. I am suggesting that you take a fresh look with an open mind. You may be surprised at what you see.  

We would love to discuss this further with you. Contact IT Solutions if you'd like to learn more!