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LRS Believes in being Committed to Environmental Protection.

Simply by the nature of our business, LRS has less environmental impact than many other companies. Our primary focus of software and IT services allows LRS to minimize our impact on the environment. LRS conducts its business operations in compliance with all applicable environmental and safety laws and regulations.

By utilizing technology for delivery, archiving, and viewing of large amounts of information we greatly reduce the use of paper, print cartridges, discs, packing materials and other waste by-products that result from physical delivery. Shipping software electronically reduces our carbon footprint.

With the use of advanced technologies, we deliver training in-house, as well as online, at locations around the globe. These technologies also allow us to host and attend external meetings and seminars which reduces travel to and from our offices for employees and clients. In addition to the reduction in travel, our employees and clients save time and money while still having access to the training they need to perform their jobs to their fullest capacity.

LRS has attempted to generate less waste by implementing several source-reduction practices that include: 

  • Elimination of physical payroll statements and providing a secure web page that lists employees' pay information.
  • Electronic delivery of two newsletters, one internal for all employees worldwide and the EOM customer newsletter, thus eliminating paper required to duplicate and distribute these documents.
  • Online flex account enrollment reduces the paper that was used for annual enrollment in the plan.

LRS has office locations around the world, and each office has specific recycling programs. Recycling programs exist for paper, toner/ink cartridges, batteries, aluminum cans, computers, and computer peripherals.

Computers and peripherals that have been replaced and upgraded are donated to local charities which find ways of placing the equipment with organizations or individuals who can use the equipment.

LRS’ goal is to reduce our electrical usage by 2% compared to the previous year. We have exceeded this goal in past years. Our new headquarters building includes many energy-saving features such as roof-top solar power generation, energy efficient lighting, and environmental controls. We expect a significant reduction in power usage over the replaced buildings.

LRS also has a goal to increase recycling by 2% annually.

LRS has never received an environmental fine. If we should incur such a fine in the future, we will disclose that fact here.